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ArcticCross Series Final, 10/06/07

ArcticCross #6 (Finals), APU: 10/06/07

The 6th and Series Final race of the Bicycle Shop 2007 Alaska Cyclocross Series was held on the APU trail system, Saturday, October 6. Once again, Bruce Ross took advantage of both the conditions and the terrain to provide a challenging ‘cross course, fitting for the series final. Icy puddles, a gritty mud-bog section and the slick Moseley Center hill run-up tested the 29 racers. In the men’s division, this double-points race would be the decider for the overall series winner between Josh Yeaton (Kaladi Subway) and Matt Novakovich (The Bicycle Shop). Matt and Josh, along with Jamie Stull (Kaladi Subway) fought a close battle in the early part of the race – unfortunately Matt flatted in the final laps, and despite obtaining a spare wheel, ended up in 3rd place, with Josh taking the win over 2nd place Jamie Stull. Series final results were; 1st, Josh Yeaton, 2nd Matt Novakovich, 3rd Jamie Stull.

In the womens division, Amber Stull (Kaladi-Subway), fresh from her excellent performance at Xterra Nationals, and Jessica Yeaton (Kaladi-Subway) traded places at the front of the field for the first four laps. In the final two laps, Amber capitalized on some bobbles by Jessica in the mud bog and on the Moseley Center run-up to cross the line with a 1 minute lead, and sew up the series win with a perfect score. Third place went to Tiffanie Novakovich who was 2nd overall in the series, with 4th going to Nylene Wicks (3rd in the series).

Series results for the Junior Division were: 1st Rebecca Mamrol, 2nd Ally Ross, 3rd Peter Mamrol

An awards celebration for the 2007 series was held later in the evening at Speedway Cycles. The George Stransky /Peter Lekish-produced videos of the series along with Mooses Tooth pizza and beer combined for a fitting end to the 2007 series. Thanks to Greg Matyas for providing the venue, as well as special thanks to The Bicycle Shop (title sponsor), Chain Reaction Cycles, Speedway Cycles, and for donating tons of swag.

On behalf of the 2007 ArcticCross committee, I would like to extend our thanks to all the sponsors, and the racers - the growth of cyclocross in Alaska would not be possible without your support and participation. We are all looking forward to an exciting ‘cross season next year.

Jeff Yeaton

Series Director


MEN: 1. Josh Yeaton (8 laps, 59:18), 2. Jamie Stull (at 0:39), 3. Matt Novakovich (at 1:26), 4. Andy Pohl (at 1:48), 5. Andy Duenow (at 2:30), 6. Jim Peot (at 2:38), 7. Adam Miller (at 3:09), 8. Jaime Andersen (at 3:26), 9. Tony Brugliera (at 4:26), 10. Ed Sniffen (at 5:41), 11. Jason Lamoreaux (at 6:10), 12. Bill Fleming (at 6:37), 13. Cory Smith (at 7:02), 14. Anthony Berberich (at 8:30), 15. Gary Snyder (7 laps, 62:18), 16. Yrjo Roovers (at 0:39), 17. Jeff Yeaton (at 0:39), 18. Mike B (at 3:36), 19. Bob Cox (at 3:53) Craig Mollernstern, 20. Jeff Swanstrom (at 7:06), 21. Craig Mollenstern (6 laps, 61:39)

WOMEN: 1. Amber Stull (6 laps, 51:24), 2. Jessica Yeaton (at 1:02), 3. Tiffanie Novakovich (at 4:22), 4. Nylene Wicks (at 6:46), 5. Rebecca Mamrol (at 8:39), 6. Rose Theisen (5 laps, 52:08), 7. Allison Ross (at 2:14), 8. Amy Klein (at 2:15)

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