Saturday, June 28, 2008

ArcticCross 2008 series ready to roll!

The ArcticCross race committee has started preparations for the 2008 series. Bruce Ross has been diligently working on finalizing the 2008 schedule and lining up all of the required permits. This is a demanding job, yet Bruce now has all of the races scheduled. As it stands, here is the complete 2008 ArcticCross schedule:

Training Clinic #1 8/24 6:00 APU
Training Clinic #2 9/1 6:00 APU
ArcticCross #1 9/6 Noon Abbott
ArcticCross #2 9/13 Noon Buttress
ArcticCross #3 9/17 6:30 Cartee
ArcticCross #4 9/20 Noon APU
ArcticCross #5 9/28 4:00 Russian Jack Picnic Area
ArcticCross #6 10/4 Noon Goose Lake

Thanks Bruce!!


Anonymous said...

Great Looking courses guys. Looking forward to riding your creative routes. Thanks for all your efforts to make Cyclocross a great success her in Anchorage.


Anonymous said...

Where on Abbot Rd is the frst race? Can't quite tell for sure.



Anonymous said...

What are the directions on the courses? Could we add an arrow to show the direction of travel? Thanks. Looking forward to a fun 'cross season.

jake1990 said...

send rules to plzzzz asap