Saturday, September 6, 2008

ArcticCross #1 Results

The first race of the ArcticCross series was held today at the Abbott Community Park and featured a record-setting turnout. The race featured a technical course that tested the handling skills of race participants. Nylene Wicks steadily pulled away from Amber Stull to place first among women. Brad Cruz dominated the Master Men category, completeting 11 laps to outdistance Bob Cox, who placed second. Adam Miller was never threatened as he put the hammer down on the Open category men. Cary Grumelot crossed the line in second with Jeff Warner rounding out the top three.

Hats off to Andy Pohl! He finally returned to racing today after overcoming injuries sustained in a bike crash earlier this summer. He put in a solid effort and breezed the course in style.

While complete results are not yet available for the number of hamburgers eaten, we believe James Stull gradually ate his way to the front after consuming over seven hamburgers to win the Picnic category. Congratulations Jamey!

ArcticCross Series #1 Results
September 6, 2008
Presented by Chain Reaction Cycles

1)Nylene Wicks (7 Laps 0:42:58); 2)Amber Stull (7 Laps 0:46:02); 3)Rose Theisen (6 Laps 0:47:37); 4)Sarah Falcone (5 Laps 0:43:47); 5)Amy Klein (5 Laps 0:45:59); 6)Rebecca Mamrol (1 Lap DNF)

Master Men
1)Brad Cruz (10 Laps 0:57:25);2)Bob Cox (9 Laps 0:53:59); 3)Bret Rosane (9 Laps 0:54:53); 4)Dennis Walworth(9 Laps 0:58:05); 5)Wade Gunter (8 Laps 0:56:39); 6)Steve Klosiewski (8 Laps 0:56:59); 7)Clayton Walker (8 Laps 0:58:20)

Open Men
1)Adam Miller (11 Laps 0:52:36);2)Cary Grumelot (11 Laps 0:52:55); 3)Jeff Warner (11 Laps 0:53:56); 4)Tony Brugliera (11 Laps 0:53:58); 5)Chet Ferhrman (11 Laps 0:54:30); 6)Brent Gorman (11 Laps 0:54:38); 7)Jamey Stull (11 Laps 0:55:11); 8)Jim Peot (11 Laps 0:55:15); 9)Tim Berntson (11 Laps 0:55:56); 10)John Lackey (11 Laps 0:56:32); 11)Andy Pohl (11 Laps 0:56:33); 12)Jason Lamoroux (11 Laps 0:56:58); 13)Andy Duenow (11 Laps 0:57:59); 14)Marc Dunne (10 Laps 0:53:18); 15)Paul Anderson (10 Laps 0:53:40); 16)Jeff Dusenbury (10 Laps 0:54:31); 17)Luke Kiskadden (10 Laps 0:54:46); 18)Lee Hall (10 Laps 0:54:57); 19)Tony Berberich (10 Laps 0:55:06); 20)Fred West (10 Laps 0:55:52); 21)Isaac Bertch (10 Laps 0:56:53); 22)Yrjo Roovers (10 Laps 0:57:48); 23)Adam Baxter (10 Laps 0:58:03); 24)Evan Hyde (9 Laps 0:52:50);25)Mike Beiergrohslein (9 Laps 0:54:24); 26)Jerry Markus (9 Laps 0:57:52)


Anonymous said...

Photos of the race are up at Alaska Digital Visions web site at 10:50 PM 9-6-2008

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You web address was mistyped. The actual address is

Nickspresso said...

Good job Bill, Patrick, and Bruce! Way to keep the 'cross fire burning. We always promised a Beer Tent after we passed the 50 racer mark... almost there...