Saturday, September 13, 2008

ArcticCross #2 Results Posted!

Congratulations to everyone who came out today - great job! Special thanks go out Daniel Folmar and Kristin Wilkinson for their help today with the timing. Thanks, guys!

Tiffanie Novakovich blazed the course to outdistance Nylene Wicks on a twisty, serpentine route featuring some tricky, off-camber riding and a mega run-up approximately 10,000 steps (or at least it seemed that way during the race). Deenie Roberts rolled across the line to take third place.

Adam Miller had the race under control but biffed it on the afore-mentioned off-camber riser to the finish line. Jamey Stull rode around him and over the finish line with a grin on his face. Spectators say it was an epic battle, featuring several lead changes. Carey Grumalot finished out the race in third place.

Bob Cox outpaced the Master category men to take overall honors. Rebecca Mamrol and Brendon Turrey won the Junior Women and Junior Men categories, respectively.

Junior Women
1)Rebecca Mamrol (7 laps 0:57:10);
2)Sara Falcone (6 laps 1:01:54)

Junior Men
1)Brendon Turney (8 laps 1:05:52);
2)Sam Dougherty (8 laps 1:06:53)

Open Women
1)Tiffanie Novakovich (7 laps 0:55:00);
2)Nylene Wicks (7 laps 0:56:23);
3)Deenie Robertson (7 laps 0:59:17);
4)Amber Stull (7 laps 1:01:00);
5)Julie Berberich (7 laps 1:01:24);
6)Rosemary Theisen (6 laps)

Master Men
1)Bob Cox (8 laps 1:05:07;
2)Howell Powder (8 laps 1:07:17);
3)Chris Turek (7 laps 1:02:54);
4)Clayton Walker (6 laps 1:02:09);
DNF Tom Peichel

Open Men
1)Jamey Stull (10 laps 1:01:52);
2)Adam Miller (10 laps 1:01:58);
3)Carey Grumelot (10 laps 1:03:07);
4)John Lackey (10 laps 1:04:45);
5)Tony Brugliera (10 laps 1:04:53);
6)Brent Gorman (10 laps 1:04:59);
7)Tim Berntson (10 laps 1:06:13);
8)Cory Smith (10 laps 1:06:21);
9)Andy Pohl (10 laps 1:06:23);
10)Jim Peot (10 laps 1:06:52);
11)Jeff Warner (10 laps 1:07:00);
12)Sunny Gill (10 laps 1:07:24);
13)Paul Anderson (9 laps 1:02:22);
14)Bill Fleming (9 laps 1:02:30);
15)Hiram Henry (9 laps 1:03:33);
16)Tony Berberich (9 laps 1:03:39);
17)Ian Moore (9 laps 1:06:51);
18)Lee Hall (8 laps 1:01:58);
19)Mike Beiergrohslein (8 laps 1:02:27);
20)Jeff Dusenbury (8 laps 1:03:12);
21)Jason Gray (7 laps 1:02:18)


Anonymous said...

Good to see Carey out there!

Anonymous said...

Great race. Just noting that my name is Brenden Turney, not Brendon Turrey. Thanks.

Bill Fleming said...

Hey Brendon...thanks for the heads up on the incorrect spelling of your name. I'll change it.

Anonymous said...

George Stransky's photos are up at


Anonymous said...

Any training tips? I don't know who to ask so I'm asking here. I'm hoping to check out the race this wednesday and I'm a beginner. ArcticCross looks intense!

Anonymous said...

oh and i posted that last message about being a beginner and all. Could you please send me the rules and whatever else you think is helpful please? my email is


Anonymous said...

It was so neat to see Carey racing this last week. Awesome!