Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ArcticCross #3 Report

I hope everyone liked the run-ups tonight, it was certainly fun finding all those hills to run the course on. Well, Jens managed to break his bike yet again, that's 3 times in 3 weeks now, and Luke Jager was standing on the side of the course after about 3 laps, not quite sure what happened there, but I did see his Frankenbike in the shop just 2 days before the race, so I suspect that there are some outstanding issues with his ride. Without having the chance to watch the other races most of my report is going to be second hand info, but here it is: In the Junior Mens race Joseph Kincaid took the win two minutes ahead of series leader Max Beiergrohslein. In the Masters Women division, Margret Cunningham convincingly took her third win in three races. The Masters Men race saw local triathlon legend Jens Beck take an emphatic victory over series leader Mike Howard. The Open Women category was the tightest race of the day. It looked like Tiffany Novakovich might ride away with an easy win in the first part of the race, but she faded slightly in the second half while Laura Gardner put in a great effort and nearly reeled her in but fell just short at the finish line. The Open Men race was fast from the start and a group of three riders comprised of Tim Berntson, Carey Grumelot and Brent Gorman rode off the front leaving Jamie Stull and Dan Nordendale to chase. The three leaders extended their lead until the last lap when Brent put in an acceleration and first shed Carey, then Tim on the way to his first victory of the cross season. Tim made a strong push on the stretch leading back to the stadium and finished just behind Brent, while Carey crossed the line solidly in third place.

Next race is this Saturday at 11am and 12pm at APU.

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