Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pre-ride, Season Finale and Awards

It was pointed out by one of our loyal ArcticCross followers, who's entire family has been coming out and cleaning up on the competition every weekend, that there has only been brief mention of an awards ceremony and after-party after the last race of the season this year. Never fear, there will indeed be an after-party with awards and prizes following the last race, this Sunday, Oct. 9, starting at around 1pm just after the Open Men's race concludes. We'll be providing grillable items and beverages, if you feel so inclined, please bring some sort of side dish or dessert to share.

Also, don't miss your chance to pre-ride the course tonight (Thursday) at 6:30pm. We've been scouring the area for potential run-ups and other interesting features, and we have a few in mind, so come out and see what goodies might make it into the courses this weekend.

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Melonnie Amundson said...

Hi John- I am missing in race #6 results. Who do I talk to in order to get it updated? Thanks Melonnie Amundson #393