Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ArcticCross #3 results updated

We did some reviewing of the results sheets and found some problems with the results that we originally posted.  As it winds up both Andy Duenow and Gary Snyder did indeed race this weekend.  Andy finished thirteenth in the Open Men race and Gary bumps Mike Hancock off the podium in the Master Men race with a third place finish.  Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to Andy for pointing it out.

Series totals are updated as well with corrected points.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

ArcticCross #3 Results are posted

Results are here:

First off I want to give a huge thanks to everyone that showed up early to help out setting up the course and to those that helped take down the course after the race, I couldn't have done it without all of your help.  Great racing out there by everyone, I admit that the course was a bit tougher than even I had anticipated, but never fear, next week will be completely different with lots of fun grassy turns and technical sections, there will be the infamous stair run-up, but after this week, that should seem easy, right?

On to the race report!  The Junior Women's race was awesome with Ellie Mitchell taking her third win in as many races, Cadence Stull and Zoee Beiergrohslein rode most of the race together with Cadence edging Zoee for second place in the end.  We had what I think is our largest Junior Men field ever for ArcticCross with six total riders, Luke Jager came out strong and kept the pace high for the whole race to take a commanding win, making it three wins in three races for him as well.  Behind him Zach Bassett rode a great race to finish second and Max Beiergrohslein also put in a strong performance to come in third.

In the Beginner Women race we had a tight finish with Angie Burris edging out Erin Turnock by just under 30 seconds for the win.  Kim Marek came through a couple of minutes later to pick up third place. The Beginner Men saw some very strong rides, nearly keeping pace with the Master Men leader was David Henke in the lead, Kyle VanPeursem was also mixing it up at the front of the race and came in second with Dermott McHugh riding in for third.  All three of these guys look like strong candidates to upgrade to Open or Master next season.

The Master Women's race saw the same three ladies fighting it out with Marge Cunningham taking her third victory of the season.  Shannon Titzel edged out Rose Theisen for second place in an ongoing battle that has seen them trading off those two positions all season.  In the Master Men race Mike Howard came out to prove a point, and that he did, winning with time to spare.  Jason Gray had a great ride to come in second place for the second week in a row, and Mike Hancock also put in a great ride to take his first podium placing of the year coming in third.

The Open Women's race started without series co-leader Jessie Donahue and our other series leader Amber Stull took full advantage of that fact taking an early lead and not relinquishing it.  Behind her Laura Gardner gave chase and nearly clawed her way back by mid-race, but lost a little ground in the end finishing less than a minute behind.  The final podium spot went to Laurel Brady who used her technical skills to ensure her spot on the podium only two minutes behind Amber.  The Open Men's race was also without one of the strongest riders in Will Ross, but it didn't seem to matter much to Carey Grumelot who after one lap took a gap on all chasers and kept extending it each lap winning his third race in three tries.  I managed to keep the bike upright for the most part and rode alone in second place for the whole race after Carey dropped me.  In the end Jeff Ellis managed to come back from a first lap mechanical problem to beat an unsuspecting Josh Chelf in the sprint for third just 10 seconds behind me.

We also had one unfortunate casualty this week.  Chris Wrobel, on his last lap, went down on one of the greasy corners and hurt his ankle pretty bad.  He was pretty bummed out because he was having his best race of the year having not been caught by the leaders he would have finished on the lead lap for the first time this year.  We wheeled him back to the start/finish area on his bike and Mike B. drove him to the hospital.  I just got the report from Alycia B. that Chris suffered a triple malleolar fracture that is going to require surgery.  Bummer.  We wish Chris a speedy recovery.

Hope everyone enjoyed the course, come out again next week when Will takes the title of Course Czar and enjoy more riding and less running.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Course setup help needed this week at APU

We have another great course for you at APU this weekend and with Bruce and Will gone this weekend, I have declared myself the course czar for the week.  What does that mean to you?  Well, you can guarantee that the big run up will be in there, I'll figure out something good for the field, and there are a couple of new features that we have never done at APU.

But wait, there's more, it also means that I am short staffed for setting up the course, so if any of you feel so inclined as to come out a bit early and help me out that would be great.  I'll be there at 8:30am putting flags and ribbon in the ground, so come on down and follow the pink flags until you run into me, and I can put you to work.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

ArcticCross #2 map and start times

The map for this weekend is up, you'll find that there are a lot of the same features that you have grown to love at APU incorporated in this one, and there's even more next week.

START TIMES HAVE CHANGED.  In order to allow for anyone that drives out to Beach lake to still make it back to APU and get to their race on time, we have pushed the start times back.

Noon - Juniors, Masters, Beginner and Open Women start
1pm - Open men start

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

***IMPORTANT*** ArcticCross #2 is at APU this weekend (9/15)

Ok, we got a last minute permit from the nice folks at APU so we can run ArcticCross #2 there this weekend, big thanks to Marc Phillips at APU for bailing us out.  Races will start in the stadium, park at the  Moseley Sports Center.  The course map will be out shortly, but expect it to be similar to years past.  You can be sure that at least one of the next two weeks will feature the giant run-up at APU, so you all have that to look forward to.

Venue change possible this weekend

We are having some conflicts with construction at Beach Lake and events  at Chugiak HS for this weekend which may result in a last minute switch of venues, most likely would be that we run the race at APU this week and next.  Keep posted, I will update as soon as I get more info.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Maps and Pre-ride #2

Maps are up for ArcticCross 2 through 5, see the sidebar for the links.

I will be out at Beach Lake on Thursday night from 6:30 to 7:30 for anyone that wants to pre-ride the course for this weekend.  There's a bit of mud, but consider yourselves lucky because Bruce wouldn't let us run you all through the muddiest sections of trail, think mud up to your knees, completely unridable slop.  But never fear for those that like the sloppy stuff, we found a couple of spots in the park where you can get your mud fix without having to push your bike through a swamp.  Also be ready for some fast firm ski trails with high speed corners on the junk yard loop section.  Fun for everyone and no run-up... this week.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

ArcticCross #1 Results are Posted

Great race everyone, we had a what I think was a record turnout on Saturday with 88 total racers!  Results are posted at the side, or at the link below:

Arctic Cross #1 Results

We had some great racing out there with some tight battles and couple of dominant performances.  In the Junior Women race, Ellie Mitchell came out and put the hurt on last season's champion and second place finishers in Zoee Beiergrohslein and Cadence Stull who finished 3rd and 2nd respectively on the day.  The Junior Men race was a good one with Luke Jager rocking the frankenbike to the win, Max B coming across the line just over a minute later in second and Zachary Burris rounding out the top 3.  The Beginner Women race had a great field and some very strong results, Erin Turnock took the top spot with Kristen Valentine coming in about 2 1/2 minutes later and Janus Reyes another minute back.  The beginner Men Race was similar with Adam Eberhardt and Trevor Jones finishing on the same lap as the leaders of a very strong Master Men field separated by about a minute and Greg Jernstrom taking the final spot on the podium.  The Master Women race was a three way battle between Marge Cunningham, Rose Theisen and Shannon Titzel, and in the end it was the defending series champion, Marge, who took the win with Rose prevailing over Shannon in a tight battle for second separated by just 20 seconds.  In the Master Men race it was Mike Howard who flew out to a commanding lead in the first couple of laps, but Fred West kept a steady pace and managed to bring him back right at the end for the win in the closest finish of the day.  Jason Gray rounded out the podium in another very close finish, just edging out Leonard Fancher.  The Open Women race was a two way battle from the start with Jessie Donahue and Amber Stull creating an immediate gap on the rest of the competitors within the first lap.  From there, Jessie rode the slow grassy sections like a pro managing to get about 10 seconds on Amber each lap, in the end Jessie took the win by just under a minute with Amber in second place.  Laura Gardner had a great race as well, riding in just two minutes behind Amber for third.  The Open Men race saw a great battle between the three racers that dominated the cross scene last season and the mountain bike races this year.  By the end of the second lap Carey Grumelot, Jeff Ellis and Will Ross had formed a group at the front with the rest of us chasing in vain.  By about the fourth lap, the group started to break up with Will loosing ground little by little and Carey finally  putting in an attack on the hilly section to distance Jeff by just enough to cruise in for the win.  Jeff fought back in the last lap and limited his time loss to around 10 seconds and Will kept a good pace to finish in third at two minutes back.

Next race is Saturday, September 15 at 11am and Noon at Beach Lake Trails in Chugiak, see you there!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

ArcticCross #1 Map

The map is up for the first race, this will be similar to the last time we ran a race at this venue, but we'll find a couple of new obstacles and throw in a twist or turn to keep it exciting.  See you out there on Saturday, 11am for all classes except open men, and open men start at Noon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ArcticCross #2 is at BEACH LAKE

Not Chugiak HS, permitting at the HS was too much of an ordeal, but we'll have a great course out there at Beach lake, the directions and schedule are updated.

Pre-Ride the Course Today (9/5) at 7pm

Late notice pre-ride going on today, Tim Reinbold and I will be out there at Abbott Loop park at around 7 if you want to come out and check out the terrain for the weekend.  No guarantees that we know the exact course, but it should be similar to years past, so you should get a good idea of what is in store.

Also, I just updated the web archive with the results from 2010 if you were missing those.