Saturday, October 6, 2012

ArcticCross #5 Results are posted!

Results are here.  Sorry we didn't get times for the Open Men race today, so you'll just have to make it up, I am pretty sure that I was only 3 seconds behind Carey, or is that 30...

More info to come on the Championship weekend soon.  Note that we are doing the first race next weekend at Kincaid on Friday night this year, racing starts at 6:30.

Great racing out there this weekend.  There were a few new names on the top of the results sheet today, so that is fun, in the Junior Women race, Jade Simek came out and put an end to Ellie Mitchell's perfect season, finishing first in a super close race with Cadence Stull having her best race of the year taking third, all three within 21 seconds of each other.  The Junior Men's race also saw a shakeup at the top of the leaderboard when Luke Jager decided to kick one of the barriers because his new bike was too light and presumably threw off his rhythm.  The barrier got the best of him and he had to abandon after 4 laps leaving the door open for Max B to take his first win of the season in commanding fashion Declan Reid and Hamish Wolf rounded out the podium in that race with great rides themselves.

Angie Burris continued her dominance of the Beginner Women category, looks like we may have a future candidate for the open women class.  Anna Fischer and Janus Reyus came in 2nd and 3rd respectively putting them in a tight battle for second place overall in the Beginner Women category with just one weekend of racing left.  In the Beginner Men race we had another new face on the top step of the virtual podium in John Farr finishing right with the leaders of the master men category.  Kyle VanPeursem took second place with a strong ride that saw him mixing it up at the front of the race as well and Adam Eberhardt did a great race as well netting himself the final spot on the podium.

Marge Cunningham is the only racer out there with a perfect season still as she won her fifth race in as many tries.  Rose Theisen took second place on the day all but securing her second place in the series over Shannon Titzel who was absent today.  The Master Men race saw a the usual suspects fighting it out with Jason Gray taking an early lead, but he couldn't hold off a hard charging Mike Howard who after two laps took command of the race and never relinquished his lead.  Jason rode a determined race to beat out Greg McDuffie for second place.  Mike and Jason pretty much have the series standings wrapped up for first and second place, but the third position is up for grabs still with Chad Burris and Mike Hancock both right there.

In the Open Women race Amber Stull was on fire taking turns at the lead of the race with Mike Howard for the first half, and looking pretty comfortable as she finished 25 seconds ahead of Jessie Donahue.  Jessie had a good race herself taking second place while Laura Gardner rode super strong to keep Jessie within sight all race, but she just couldn't quite close the gap and took third just 8 seconds behind.  The Open Men race was a good one with Carey, Jamie and I taking the hole shot and getting an immediate gap.  After about three laps Jamie fell off the pace and settled into a chase group with Tim Berntson and Josh Smith.  With two laps left Carey put in an effort that I couldn't follow which decided the race.  At that point I started going backward, but managed to hold on for second place with Jamie taking the sprint from the chasing group just behind me to grab the third spot on the podium.  With that win Carey took an unassailable lead in the overall standings, but the next two spots are up for grabs with about 8 guys all capable of taking a spot on the podium.

Updated series standings are now posted as well.


Unknown said...

My name is Trevor Jones, I was scored as having completed 6 laps, but I completed all 7, I was about 1 minute behind Adam Eberhardt. I actually have the whole thing on Go pro if you want to verify that.

schultzie51 said...

Hey John,

I know Clinton Hodges finished right after me, also with 8 laps (not 7 as posted)... Thanks!

-Tom Schultz

Unknown said...

Is it possible to make a correction on the results? Simon Lynn's placement in Beginner Men is not correct. He said the man called out 208 instead of 268 at the conclusion of his first lap--I know that he soundly beat me! (John Lynn) :-) but its not reflecting that on the sheet.

Thanks for an awesome race (and series) hope to participate more next year!

Unknown said...

There is a mistake on the results for Simon Lynn--one of his laps was not counted. He thought he heard 208 getting called out at the conclusion of his first lap instead of 268. I know he beat me (John Lynn) by a good margin :-)

Thanks for a great race and a great series! We hope to participate more next year.


Unknown said...

When is the costume ride?