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ArcticCross Race #7 Results and more...

Results are here.

SNOW!!!  That was awesome, in all the years that ArcticCross has been running races we haven't had snow, until yesterday we finally got it.  It was a perfect course for it with lots of slippery corners and technical sections.

We had five girls in the Junior Women's race which matches our all time high, great work out there to all the juniors, they looked like they were having fun despite the conditions.  Ellie Mitchell once again asserted her dominance, having already wrapped up the overall standings, she come out and won the final race for good measure.  Cadence Stull decided to opt for the snow bike again, and a good decision it was as there was enough snow and sand to warrant the switch.  She floated over the sand with grace and ease to come home second place and second in the series as well.  Rounding out the top three on the day was Jade Simek who came out for her second race of the year.  The final podium spot for the overall honors went to Zoee Beiergrohslein who rode consistently all season to deserve the honor.

Junior Women top 5 overall:
(I am really excited to list the top 5 junior women considering there were only 2 girls for all of last season)
1.  Ellie Mitchell
2.  Cadence Stull
3.  Zoee Beiergrohslein
4.  Jade Simek
5.  Kiley Dennis

The Junior Men's race was also a show of force by the series leader Luke Jager.  I am giving Luke about two more years before he is up in the Open Men race fighting it out for the podium.  Hamish Wolfe came out again and continued his late season run with another impressive second place ride, finishing just a minute and a half behind Luke.  We had another racer who has come on strong late in the season take third place in Ryan Reid.  The overall series rewarded consistency, however, and Max Beiergrohslein and Zachary Burris were both super consistent throughout the season to take home second and third overall respectively.

Junior Men top 5 overall:
1.  Luke Jager
2.  Max Beiergrohslein
3.  Zachary Burris
4.  Hamish Wolfe
5.  Logan Dennis

After a whole season of racing the beginner category racers started looking a little less like beginners and more like seasoned veterans of the circuit.  It's been awesome to watch you guys improve over the course of the season.  On the Women's side, Angie Burris won her fifth race of the year to amass a perfect score of 300 and a convincing first place in the overall standings.  Anna Fischer came on strong for second place on the day which bumped her into second place overall, just 5 points ahead of Janus Reyus, and Kristen Valentine had one of her best races of the season coming in third.

Beginner Women top 5 overall:

1.  Angie Burris
2.  Anna Fisher
3.  Janus Reyus
4.  Kristen Valentine
5.  Andrea Kettler

The Beginner Men's race was closely contested today, Kyle VanPeursum held off all chasers for the win, but right behind him was a hard charging Michael Kelly and just after him Al Mitchell and Dan Bailey sprinted it out for third with Al taking it at the line for his best result of the year.  In the overall, Kyle amassed a commanding lead in the points totals in the last 5 races of the year, Trevor Jones took second place by showing up and posting good results at every race this year, and Dan Bailey also did enough in the last 5 races to take third.

Beginner Men top 5 overall:

1.  Kyle VanPeursem
2.  Trevor Jones
3.  Dan Bailey
4.  Anthony Strong
5.  Adam Eberhardt

The Master Women's series standings were already wrapped up before the race and because of injury and illness none of the women chose to race in the snow, so the overall is as follows:

Master Women top 3 overall:

1.  Margret Cunningham
2.  Rose Theisen
3.  Shannon Titzel

The Master Men's race was a different story all together, and although Mike Howard and Jason Gray had the first two places for the season wrapped up, there was still some intense racing to go.  Mike took the hole shot and came across the finish line first after the first full lap to collect the prestigious  beer prime, netting himself a fine Belgian ale.  But after the second lap something went wrong and he dropped back.  Patrick Wolfe and Jason Gray assumed the leading positions and Patrick eventually distanced all his rivals, but Mike was coming back.  In the end Patrick outsprinted Mike for the win with Jason just 30 seconds down in third place.  It was those three that took the top overall honors as well with Mike, Jason and Patrick in first, second and third respectively.

Master Men top 5 overall:

1.  Mike Howard
2.  Jason Gray
3.  Patrick Wolfe
4.  Greg McDuffie
5.  Mike Hancock

The Open Women's field was the strongest this year that we have ever seen, it wasn't just two women fighting it out this year, but around 5 that were all racing it out for the top places every weekend.  Series leader Amber Stull wanted to come back from her debilitating foot cramps from the previous race and salvage a perfect score on the season with the win, and she did just that by taking the hole shot, the beer prime and keeping the lead all the way to the end.  She didn't have too much spare time to celebrate across the line though because Jessie Donahue was chasing hard and by the end had closed the gap to within 20 seconds.  Laura Gardner also had another great race following up her first win of the season with a strong third place ride.  The overall top three would be the same exact placings as the finish on the day.

Open Women top 5 overall:

1.  Amber Stull
2.  Jessie Donahue
3.  Laura Gardner
4.  Laurel Brady
5.  Caitlin Marine

The Open Men's field was also ultra-competitive this year, and although Carey Grumelot had been dominating affairs from the start of the season, the race for second overall was wide open with Jamie Stull, Jeff Ellis, Will Ross and me all in the hunt.  The race started with Carey taking the hole shot, the beer prime and riding away from the field as he had done for many of the races, but the battle for second was shaping up.  Jamie got a good start, but faded in the toilet bowl while Will made a hard effort to try to distance everyone, Jeff responded with an effort of his own and set off in pursuit of Carey.  Will was riding a great race, even riding the step-up by the maintenance building, but in the last three laps he started to fade, I chased as hard as I could, but came up 8 seconds short in the end.  The overall series went to Carey with Will doing just enough to take second even though he was tied on points with Jeff, he took the tiebreaker of the highest placing on the season.

Open Men top 5 overall:

1.  Carey Grumelot
2.  Will Ross
3.  Jeff Ellis
4.  Jamie Stull
5.  John Lackey

THANK YOU all for coming out this year, we had tons of fun setting up the courses and watching you all get out there and suffer, smile, ride hard, run hard, cheer for each other and tell war stories afterward all season long.  Everyone that participated this year makes this series what it is... fun!

One more "race" to go...

Halloween Super 'Cross, October 27 at 3pm at Waldron Lake park
This one isn't necessarily a race, more of a celebration on bikes in costumes, although within the celebration  I will be awarding something yet to be determined to the single speed state cyclocross champions for men and women.

The rules are simple, bring a bike and a costume and come ride.  Costumes are mandatory, and single speeds are encouraged, we can make your bike a single speed if you want, or you can just hang out in Chet and Megan's homeless camp section of the course and enjoy a hot toddy.

Hope to see you all there, more details to come...

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dear John, my son and I had to leave after the race on Sat and after looking at the results saw I placed 3rd in the master and my son Hamish 4th in the juniors. I do not know how the end of series prizes work, but wondered if we had made the cut or not?
Best regards,
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