Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Final series standings are updated!

Check it out on the sidebar.

Race 7 Results Updated

Now that we sorted out a couple of minor issues with the race 7 results, our master tabulator, Andy, is hard at work throwing out two races from everyone's score so we can get the series standings finalized.  Stay tuned...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Haloween Super 'Cross IV and series results progress

First off, progress on the final standings:  Our results masters are slaving hard over their best slide rules and abacuses (or is that abici?) trying to determine the final overall points tally, so thank you for your patience, and hopefully those will be up soon.

On to Halloween Super 'Cross IV, Sept 26, 2013 at 2pm:

Here's the deal.  It's a celeb-race-ion, like how I used race in there?  Anyway, same place as it has been in the past, Bancroft Park/Waldron Lake.  Park where you can, there's a lot of street parking nearby on the streets with Russian names (Shelikof, Pavalof, Kupernof, Chirikof, Rakof, etc...)   Heres a link to google maps:

Costumes are mandatory.  What happens if you don't have a costume you ask?  You will be allocated -99 laps at the start of the "race".  If you can come back from that, well, you deserve to "win".  There is a costume contest too, chosen by an arbitrary panel of judges and with no defined criteria, bribes are welcome and encouraged.

Single speed is the only category that counts, and there will be prizes for the winners.  Nothing big or glorious, but something will be awarded, after all this is the Alaska Single Speed Cyclocross State Championship (by default since there are no other SSCX races in Alaska the I know of).  Unfortunately with the warm weather this Oct, the lake won't be frozen like it was last year, so no ice hazards this time.

Here's the important details all in one place so you don't forget them:
What:  Halloween Super 'Cross IV
Where:  Bancroft Park/Waldron Lake near the New Seward Hwy and Tudor intersection.
When:  Saturday, Sept 26 at 2pm
Cost:  Free
Other info:  Costumes mandatory, single speed bikes strongly encouraged.

Disclaimer:  This isn't an official event of ArcticCross or the Arctic Bike Club, just a bunch of cyclists getting together in the park to celebrate Halloween.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Race 6 Results are posted!

Great race out there, I am going to forgo writing a report tonight because I am pretty tired and want to get some rest so we can set up the final course and awards tomorrow.  Remember races start at 2pm and BBQ/awards follow immediately after the races.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Series standings updated

With the grand finale coming up this weekend, there's still a lot of racing to do and a lot of points to be made up.  As it stands here are the front runners:

Beginner Women:  Ellie Mitchell looks to have the series tied up barring a bad weekend, but the battle for the remaining spots on the podium are still up in the air between Leah Zumwalt, Karen Morrison and Tania Dennis.

Beginner Men:  Similarly, David Henke looks to have this one wrapped up, but behind him and all with a very good shot of taking the second step on the final podium are Oscar Lage, Eric Flanders and Luke Jager.

Master Women:  Rose Theisen and Stacy Kolstad are both right there for the top prize with Janus Reyes, Shannon Titzel and Rebecca Moore all within shot of third or even better depending on how the racing goes this weekend.

Master Men:  It looks like a two man battle for the top place between Tony Brugliera and Mike Howard.  Behind them in another tight battle for the final spot on the podium are Jim Jager and Greg McDuffie with Tony Allen and Chris Wood outsiders to take back some points and land on the podium.

Open Women:  Barring major mechanical meltdown or injury, it looks like the top three ladies will be the usual protagonists at the races.  Amber Stull has a slight edge heading into the weekend since she can drop the race that she missed, but right behind her are Jessie Donahue and Laura Gardner who are both very capable of overtaking Amber on a good day.  This will be a fun one to watch!

Open Men:  Will Ross looks to be the top favorite for the series title, but not far behind him are Josh Chelf, Carey Grumelot and Jeff Ellis.  Anything can happen here, but I would be surprised if three of these four didn't end up on the podium.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Race #5 Results are posted

Sorry it took a couple of days, I just got back in town and didn't have a chance to get it updated until now.  Looks like it was fun race some different names up high on the results sheets.  Wish I could have been there to see it and race!

Remember, ArcticCross championships next week.  Friday night at Kincaid stadium and Saturday afternoon at Goose lake.  The times are different, so put it on you calendar.  Friday the racing starts at 6pm and Saturday starts at 2pm followed by awards and BBQ, so stick around.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Results are posted for race #4

Unfortunately, fate conspired against our junior racers results this race.  Our amazing volunteer timing crew first lost the printer on the timing machine (which is why the first race only has partial times recorded) and then on top of that they were slightly overwhelmed with the exceptional turnout and the 1 vs 2 lap and we weren't able to get it all sorted out at the end of the day.  All we have is a list of the racers and lap count for each. We sincerely apologize for not having these results, we know that this is by far the most important race of the day and we are going to refine the process so this doesn't happen again.

Also, junior results are finally posted from last week, we were missing a few names on this result sheet, but have numbers, so if you see your number on there without a name attached or if you know of someone that raced and isn't on the list, please let me know so we can fill in the results.  John Lackey - lackey.john(at)gmail.com

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Map and Venue updates!

We are ready to go with permits for our updated venues so I posted all the remaining maps.  This week will be at Chugiak High School, NOT Beach Lake Chalet.

Next week, we are at the Jodhpur Parking lot at Kincaid.  I promised a monster run up and I intend to deliver, you know the giant sand dune near there?  It's awesome!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Change

But not so drastic this time.  We are changing the starting location for next week's race to the north corner of the Chugiak High School parking lot instead of Beach Lake Chalet.  So don't go to the chalet next weekend because we won't be there, we'll be a half mile up the road at the high school.  The trails are better around there anyway, unless of course you think that it would be fun to shoulder your bike and run through knee deep muck for the entire lap.  I do, but I got out voted, so we have a course that you can actually ride instead.

Keep posted for the venue update for race 5, we are waiting for permits to go through before we publish it.

ArcticCross 3 Results are posted

We misplaced the junior results after the race and they are now locked in Patrick's truck, so we'll have to wait for him to return on Wed before we can get the results sheets updated with those.

Great racing out there, another new course and another different challenge.  Not much for hills, but the twists and turns kept it interesting.

The beginner men field is getting huge which is awesome, the more new riders, the better!  It was David Henke on his single speed once again riding away from the field, he was hanging with the leader of the master men for most of the race, and in the end was second place out of the entire heat, do I hear upgrade after this season?  Behind him by just over a minute was Dean Potter with Oscar Lage back another minute.  Strong rides by all three of those guys.

In the beginner womens race, it was Ellie Mitchell that finally stepped up to the top step on the podium, she rode a great race, keeping calm on the technical sections and cruising on the flats.  Lisa Keller and Melinda Walker were in a tight  battle behind Ellie with Lisa edging out Melinda for second place by just two seconds.

In the master womens race, Rose Theisen took a strong early lead and kept on the gas to take the win by over a minute.  Rebecca Moore rolled in for second and Janus Reyus took third.  In the master mens race, a similar situation occurred with Tony Brugliera taking a commanding early lead and using his power to extend it out to nearly two minutes by the time he finished.  Mike Howard battled hard and hung on to second place, while Greg McDuffie also rode a great race and finished just under a minute behind Mike to take third.

With the series leader, Amber Stull, down in Utah looking for glory at the Xterra national championships, our open womens field was up for grabs.  It was Jessie Donahue who took the initiative, using her power to make the rest of the field suffer on the slow grass and the long straight sections.  Laura Gardner wasn't going to just let her ride away though and was right behind until about two laps left to go when Jessie finally started to open up the gap.  Laura may have done a bit too much chasing because she got passed by Kristy Smith at some point in the last two laps of the race.  The finish order was Jessie taking the win, Kristy in second and Laura in third.

The open men series leader, Will Ross, was also out of the state chasing Xterra glory, so this one was up for grabs just like the ladies race.  In the first lap, a group of 6 had formed at the front of the race, Carey Grumelot, Jeff Ellis, Tanner Ramey, Josh Chelf, Miguel Ramos and me.  Unfortunately for me, the log that I had carefully placed on the corner coming off the pavement had taken it's toll on my equipment and forced me into a poorly executed first lap bike exchange, effectively ending any hopes at a podium finish for me (for any of you that were cursing the course designer that put that log there, it looks like karma caught up with me).  After the second lap, a gap opened with Jeff, Carey and Miguel up front and Josh and Tanner chasing, the race continued like that for the next few laps, but by about half way through, the pace was just a bit much for Miguel and he started dropping back.  Jeff and Carey kept the pace high and battled it out all the way to the finish with Jeff getting the decisive gap in the rooted section on the back side of the course and keeping it to the finish.  Carey came through just three seconds later for second place.  Behind them, Josh and Tanner hadn't given up and were chasing down Miguel, who they caught and passed with a couple of laps left.  Josh used his superhuman technical ability to seal the final spot on the podium taking time on Tanner in the same place that Jeff made his move.  In the end Tanner finished just a single second off the podium.

Next race, Beach lake trails starting out of Chugiak High School.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Change is good.

Our 5th race of the season will very likely be moved from Buttress park.  The Alaska Railroad folks aren't interested in sharing their little piece of grass with us which puts us in a bit of a bind since we rely on that grass for the course down there.  As a result, we'll likely have to shift to another park.  Never fear, we have some ideas, one of which contains the mother of all run-ups and a great sand section, interested yet?  Keep posted, I'll fill in details as they come...

Also, please take the time thank the parks department for letting us use their great facilities.  We truly do appreciate their letting us use the parks and their willingness to work with us (especially on short notice) so please let them know that it is appreciated.  You may have heard that we got in a bit of hot water over our choice of course routing last week, but remember that the parks department does a great service to the community maintaining these wonderful facilities and truthfully we wouldn't have a race series without them.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

ArcticCross #2 results are posted

I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves this weekend, we had a record turnout of 117 riders and a beautiful day to boot.  There was a mud bog, a some good side hills, a lot of cheering, a little crashing and a lot of smiling and exhausted faces after the races!  We even made it onto the cover page of the sports section in the ADN on Sunday, check it out:

The beginners saw some great racing on the day with the up and coming youngsters again making it known that they are a force to be reckoned with.  In the Womens race, Andrea Kettler took the win, but Ellie Mitchell was just over a minute back and looked to be riding a great race.  Leah Zumwalt took the final spot on the podium well ahead of the rest of the filed.  The beginner Mens race was tied for the most participants on the day with 35 total racers.  John Farr rode away from the field, finishing over two minutes in front of the next challenger.  The next two spots were closely contested with Luke Jager taking out the second spot on the podium ahead of single speeder David Henke.

There were mixed results in the Masters races, Shannon Titzel crushed the womens field by nearly an entire lap in a display of power that would have been a competitive ride in the Open class.  Stacy Kolstad came through in second place with Janus Reyes not far behind in third.  The mens race was quite a bit tighter.  Mike Howard took an early lead and looked to have the race wrapped up using his superior handling skills to navigate the tricky corners, but Darin Marin wasn't going down without a fight and pushed Mike to the very end finishing just 18 seconds behind him in the end.  Last week's winner Tony Brugliera overcame an early setback in the bog and chased back around a good portion of the field to take the last step on the podium just 36 seconds behind Darin.

The Open women was my favorite race of the day, I can't remember a race that was that close for a long time.  Coming into the last lap, the top three ladies were all together with Laura Gardner in the lead, Amber Stull right behind and Jessie Donahue just after her.  Laura put in a hard effort up the hill and onto the straights to try to shake the other two, and opened a good gap going into the trees before the mud bog.  To our surprise, when they emerged from the bog, Amber had captured the lead and looked determined to take it to the finish. The three were all within a hundred yards of each other, but the gaps were starting to open.  Amber kept the pressure on through the hill and into the barriers and had opened it up even more while Laura put in a determined chase, Jessie was still right there too.  By the time that they came back out to the field, the gaps had opened just a bit more and Amber managed to ride it in to take the win, Laura was nine seconds behind in second and Jessie was just another six seconds back to take third.

There were a few less juniors this week, but those that did come out did great!  Davin Brugliera paced himself this week and rode to an uncontested victory in the 2 lap race while Marcos Lage and Alexander Farinez completed the single lap course in great time.  Cadence Stull started a bit slow on the day, but after a half lap seized the lead and kept it all the way to the finish.  Zoee Beiergrohslein came through second for the 2 lappers.  In the single lap race, Linnea Gray and Elena Lage came through with great rides both finishing with no problem.

The open men race played out much the same as the week before with Will Ross taking the lead early and leaving everyone else to chase for second.  Behind him going into the woods, Carey Grumelot had a mechanical issue on the very first lap and was forced off his bike to fix the problem.  By the time he got back to riding, he was quite a way back and a chase group of four had formed comprised of Jamie Stull, Tim Berntson, Josh Chelf and me.  As the chase kept a steady pace and Will kept increasing his lead, Carey was making an epic comeback.  After about a lap and a half he managed to regain contact with the chase and from there, he and Jamie slowly started getting a gap on first me, then Josh and finally Tim.  In the end, Will rode to the victory alone, and Jamie lead Carey across the line for 2nd and 3rd with the rest of us straggling in shortly after.

Next race: Saturday at the same time at Davenport Fields off Lake Otis Pkwy

Saturday, September 7, 2013

ArcticCross #1 results are posted

Results have been cleaned up and reposted.  Great race by all, thanks for coming out for what turned out to be a not so rainy Saturday.  It was a shame, the weather looked so good when we got there at 8:30am, rain and mud.

We had a great field of beginners this week, some 30 total with David Henke crushing the field on his single speed and finishing second of the entire heat.  Eric Flanders rode a great race for second and our future expert men's champion Luke Jager took third.  Andrea Kettler took the beginner women title with another young rider that the experts will be watching out for in the not too distant future in Ellie Mitchell in second and Pam Todd in third.

The masters saw a bit of a shakeup from the status quo with Tony Brugliera stepping into the mix and riding away from the reigning king Mike Howard.  Greg Mcduffie rounded out the podium just 9 seconds later.  For the women it was a 2 person race with Stacy Kolstad taking the honors in front of Rose Theisen.

The Junior race was a fun event and we saw what the future holds, and that's a lot of fast riding, especially on the girls side.  Quincy Donley took the win over a hard charging Cadence Stull with Kiley Dennis coming in for third place.  The boys also looked great out there with Caiden Brady coming from a deficit half way through the first lap to pass Logan Dennis and in by the finish extend his lead for the win.  Logan fought hard to hold on for second with Finnegan Donley riding in for third.

The Open women had one of the strongest fields that we have ever seen at ArcticCross.  In the end Amber Stull continued her great season of racing with the win over Laura Gardner.  Jessie Donahue had a crash and subsequent mechanical issues in the first lap and rode a gritty race to keep her third place in tact.

The Open men also had a good field of nearly 30 riders.  From the start it was Will Ross off the front with the rest of the race chasing.  Jeff Ellis soon found himself alone between Will and a select group of chasers after the second lap, and that's how it ended.  Will soloing in for the win, Jeff next and Jamie Stull taking a hard fought third place after leading the chase for much of the race.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maps are up!

Check the sidebar for maps of the first three races.  We are pretty excited to have some new, fun venues this year, so make sure not to miss these races.

Also there is an indoor clinic tonight (9/3) at REI and an outdoor one tomorrow (9/4) at Kincaid, check the flyer and schedule below for details.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Timing help needed!

Our wonderful timing team is searching for a couple of volunteers to count racers for the first two races, September 7 and 14.  If you are interested in helping out, please email me, John Lackey at lackey.john(at)gmail.com.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pre-Season Clinics

Indoor Clinic with Bruce Ross:
Where:  The REI Meeting Room
When:  Sept 3, 6pm - 7:30pm
What:  This will be a general overview of cross racing including:  how cross races are organized, how ArcticCross operates, cyclocross equipment and some technique pointers.  All abilities are welcome, no gear is required, just come as you are and learn from a bona fide cross master.

Outdoor Clinic with Bruce Ross, Jessie Donahue, Will Ross and John Lackey:
Where:  Kincaid Stadium
When:  Sept 4, 6pm - 8pm
What:  In this clinic we'll do skills practice for all different abilities, with Bruce leading the beginners doing basic skills practice like mounting and dismounting a bike, Jessie showing the ladies the nuances of racing from a woman's perspective along with skills training and Will and I taking the intermediate to advanced crowd for a more advanced session.  At the end we'll all regroup for a mini race to test the skills that everyone just practiced.  Bring your bike to this clinic, since you'll be riding it.  A cyclocross or hard tail mountain bike is recommended.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ArcticCross 2013 is almost here...

Get ready for another awesome season of cyclocross here in the great AK with ArcticCross 2013.  We don't have our permits wrapped up yet, so I don't want to pin venues to the dates yet, although I'll put the ones that are very likely:

NEW this year, 2 lap kids race between the races.  This will be for kids of all ages that aren't quite ready to step it up and race a full 40 minutes, but want to get out there and race the courses.

Indoor Clinic - REI meeting room - Sept 3 - 6pm-7:30pm
Outdoor Clinic (all skill levels welcome) - Kincaid Stadium - Sept 4 - 6pm-8pm
Arctic Cross Series Race #1 – September 7 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably APU)
Arctic Cross Series Race #2 – September 14 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably Balto Seppela Park)
Arctic Cross Series Race #3 – September 21 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably Davenport Fields)
Arctic Cross Series Race #4 – September 28 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably Chugiak)
Arctic Cross Series Race #5 – October 5 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably Buttress Park)
Arctic Cross Series Race #6 – October 11 – 6:30, and 7pm and 8pm (probably Kincaid Stadium)
Arctic Cross Series Race #7 – October 12 – 2pm, 3pm & 3:30pm (probably Goose Lake Park)
Post race BBQ and awards ceremony to follow the race.