Monday, August 26, 2013

Timing help needed!

Our wonderful timing team is searching for a couple of volunteers to count racers for the first two races, September 7 and 14.  If you are interested in helping out, please email me, John Lackey at lackey.john(at)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pre-Season Clinics

Indoor Clinic with Bruce Ross:
Where:  The REI Meeting Room
When:  Sept 3, 6pm - 7:30pm
What:  This will be a general overview of cross racing including:  how cross races are organized, how ArcticCross operates, cyclocross equipment and some technique pointers.  All abilities are welcome, no gear is required, just come as you are and learn from a bona fide cross master.

Outdoor Clinic with Bruce Ross, Jessie Donahue, Will Ross and John Lackey:
Where:  Kincaid Stadium
When:  Sept 4, 6pm - 8pm
What:  In this clinic we'll do skills practice for all different abilities, with Bruce leading the beginners doing basic skills practice like mounting and dismounting a bike, Jessie showing the ladies the nuances of racing from a woman's perspective along with skills training and Will and I taking the intermediate to advanced crowd for a more advanced session.  At the end we'll all regroup for a mini race to test the skills that everyone just practiced.  Bring your bike to this clinic, since you'll be riding it.  A cyclocross or hard tail mountain bike is recommended.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ArcticCross 2013 is almost here...

Get ready for another awesome season of cyclocross here in the great AK with ArcticCross 2013.  We don't have our permits wrapped up yet, so I don't want to pin venues to the dates yet, although I'll put the ones that are very likely:

NEW this year, 2 lap kids race between the races.  This will be for kids of all ages that aren't quite ready to step it up and race a full 40 minutes, but want to get out there and race the courses.

Indoor Clinic - REI meeting room - Sept 3 - 6pm-7:30pm
Outdoor Clinic (all skill levels welcome) - Kincaid Stadium - Sept 4 - 6pm-8pm
Arctic Cross Series Race #1 – September 7 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably APU)
Arctic Cross Series Race #2 – September 14 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably Balto Seppela Park)
Arctic Cross Series Race #3 – September 21 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably Davenport Fields)
Arctic Cross Series Race #4 – September 28 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably Chugiak)
Arctic Cross Series Race #5 – October 5 – 11am, Noon and 12:30pm (probably Buttress Park)
Arctic Cross Series Race #6 – October 11 – 6:30, and 7pm and 8pm (probably Kincaid Stadium)
Arctic Cross Series Race #7 – October 12 – 2pm, 3pm & 3:30pm (probably Goose Lake Park)
Post race BBQ and awards ceremony to follow the race.