Saturday, September 14, 2013

ArcticCross #2 results are posted

I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves this weekend, we had a record turnout of 117 riders and a beautiful day to boot.  There was a mud bog, a some good side hills, a lot of cheering, a little crashing and a lot of smiling and exhausted faces after the races!  We even made it onto the cover page of the sports section in the ADN on Sunday, check it out:

The beginners saw some great racing on the day with the up and coming youngsters again making it known that they are a force to be reckoned with.  In the Womens race, Andrea Kettler took the win, but Ellie Mitchell was just over a minute back and looked to be riding a great race.  Leah Zumwalt took the final spot on the podium well ahead of the rest of the filed.  The beginner Mens race was tied for the most participants on the day with 35 total racers.  John Farr rode away from the field, finishing over two minutes in front of the next challenger.  The next two spots were closely contested with Luke Jager taking out the second spot on the podium ahead of single speeder David Henke.

There were mixed results in the Masters races, Shannon Titzel crushed the womens field by nearly an entire lap in a display of power that would have been a competitive ride in the Open class.  Stacy Kolstad came through in second place with Janus Reyes not far behind in third.  The mens race was quite a bit tighter.  Mike Howard took an early lead and looked to have the race wrapped up using his superior handling skills to navigate the tricky corners, but Darin Marin wasn't going down without a fight and pushed Mike to the very end finishing just 18 seconds behind him in the end.  Last week's winner Tony Brugliera overcame an early setback in the bog and chased back around a good portion of the field to take the last step on the podium just 36 seconds behind Darin.

The Open women was my favorite race of the day, I can't remember a race that was that close for a long time.  Coming into the last lap, the top three ladies were all together with Laura Gardner in the lead, Amber Stull right behind and Jessie Donahue just after her.  Laura put in a hard effort up the hill and onto the straights to try to shake the other two, and opened a good gap going into the trees before the mud bog.  To our surprise, when they emerged from the bog, Amber had captured the lead and looked determined to take it to the finish. The three were all within a hundred yards of each other, but the gaps were starting to open.  Amber kept the pressure on through the hill and into the barriers and had opened it up even more while Laura put in a determined chase, Jessie was still right there too.  By the time that they came back out to the field, the gaps had opened just a bit more and Amber managed to ride it in to take the win, Laura was nine seconds behind in second and Jessie was just another six seconds back to take third.

There were a few less juniors this week, but those that did come out did great!  Davin Brugliera paced himself this week and rode to an uncontested victory in the 2 lap race while Marcos Lage and Alexander Farinez completed the single lap course in great time.  Cadence Stull started a bit slow on the day, but after a half lap seized the lead and kept it all the way to the finish.  Zoee Beiergrohslein came through second for the 2 lappers.  In the single lap race, Linnea Gray and Elena Lage came through with great rides both finishing with no problem.

The open men race played out much the same as the week before with Will Ross taking the lead early and leaving everyone else to chase for second.  Behind him going into the woods, Carey Grumelot had a mechanical issue on the very first lap and was forced off his bike to fix the problem.  By the time he got back to riding, he was quite a way back and a chase group of four had formed comprised of Jamie Stull, Tim Berntson, Josh Chelf and me.  As the chase kept a steady pace and Will kept increasing his lead, Carey was making an epic comeback.  After about a lap and a half he managed to regain contact with the chase and from there, he and Jamie slowly started getting a gap on first me, then Josh and finally Tim.  In the end, Will rode to the victory alone, and Jamie lead Carey across the line for 2nd and 3rd with the rest of us straggling in shortly after.

Next race: Saturday at the same time at Davenport Fields off Lake Otis Pkwy

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