Sunday, September 22, 2013

ArcticCross 3 Results are posted

We misplaced the junior results after the race and they are now locked in Patrick's truck, so we'll have to wait for him to return on Wed before we can get the results sheets updated with those.

Great racing out there, another new course and another different challenge.  Not much for hills, but the twists and turns kept it interesting.

The beginner men field is getting huge which is awesome, the more new riders, the better!  It was David Henke on his single speed once again riding away from the field, he was hanging with the leader of the master men for most of the race, and in the end was second place out of the entire heat, do I hear upgrade after this season?  Behind him by just over a minute was Dean Potter with Oscar Lage back another minute.  Strong rides by all three of those guys.

In the beginner womens race, it was Ellie Mitchell that finally stepped up to the top step on the podium, she rode a great race, keeping calm on the technical sections and cruising on the flats.  Lisa Keller and Melinda Walker were in a tight  battle behind Ellie with Lisa edging out Melinda for second place by just two seconds.

In the master womens race, Rose Theisen took a strong early lead and kept on the gas to take the win by over a minute.  Rebecca Moore rolled in for second and Janus Reyus took third.  In the master mens race, a similar situation occurred with Tony Brugliera taking a commanding early lead and using his power to extend it out to nearly two minutes by the time he finished.  Mike Howard battled hard and hung on to second place, while Greg McDuffie also rode a great race and finished just under a minute behind Mike to take third.

With the series leader, Amber Stull, down in Utah looking for glory at the Xterra national championships, our open womens field was up for grabs.  It was Jessie Donahue who took the initiative, using her power to make the rest of the field suffer on the slow grass and the long straight sections.  Laura Gardner wasn't going to just let her ride away though and was right behind until about two laps left to go when Jessie finally started to open up the gap.  Laura may have done a bit too much chasing because she got passed by Kristy Smith at some point in the last two laps of the race.  The finish order was Jessie taking the win, Kristy in second and Laura in third.

The open men series leader, Will Ross, was also out of the state chasing Xterra glory, so this one was up for grabs just like the ladies race.  In the first lap, a group of 6 had formed at the front of the race, Carey Grumelot, Jeff Ellis, Tanner Ramey, Josh Chelf, Miguel Ramos and me.  Unfortunately for me, the log that I had carefully placed on the corner coming off the pavement had taken it's toll on my equipment and forced me into a poorly executed first lap bike exchange, effectively ending any hopes at a podium finish for me (for any of you that were cursing the course designer that put that log there, it looks like karma caught up with me).  After the second lap, a gap opened with Jeff, Carey and Miguel up front and Josh and Tanner chasing, the race continued like that for the next few laps, but by about half way through, the pace was just a bit much for Miguel and he started dropping back.  Jeff and Carey kept the pace high and battled it out all the way to the finish with Jeff getting the decisive gap in the rooted section on the back side of the course and keeping it to the finish.  Carey came through just three seconds later for second place.  Behind them, Josh and Tanner hadn't given up and were chasing down Miguel, who they caught and passed with a couple of laps left.  Josh used his superhuman technical ability to seal the final spot on the podium taking time on Tanner in the same place that Jeff made his move.  In the end Tanner finished just a single second off the podium.

Next race, Beach lake trails starting out of Chugiak High School.

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