Friday, September 20, 2013

Change is good.

Our 5th race of the season will very likely be moved from Buttress park.  The Alaska Railroad folks aren't interested in sharing their little piece of grass with us which puts us in a bit of a bind since we rely on that grass for the course down there.  As a result, we'll likely have to shift to another park.  Never fear, we have some ideas, one of which contains the mother of all run-ups and a great sand section, interested yet?  Keep posted, I'll fill in details as they come...

Also, please take the time thank the parks department for letting us use their great facilities.  We truly do appreciate their letting us use the parks and their willingness to work with us (especially on short notice) so please let them know that it is appreciated.  You may have heard that we got in a bit of hot water over our choice of course routing last week, but remember that the parks department does a great service to the community maintaining these wonderful facilities and truthfully we wouldn't have a race series without them.

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Tony B said...

Any official Resulys soon? Also does anyone know who all was out there taking photos this weekends race? Thanks