Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Change

But not so drastic this time.  We are changing the starting location for next week's race to the north corner of the Chugiak High School parking lot instead of Beach Lake Chalet.  So don't go to the chalet next weekend because we won't be there, we'll be a half mile up the road at the high school.  The trails are better around there anyway, unless of course you think that it would be fun to shoulder your bike and run through knee deep muck for the entire lap.  I do, but I got out voted, so we have a course that you can actually ride instead.

Keep posted for the venue update for race 5, we are waiting for permits to go through before we publish it.


Marcus said...

Dunno if this made it on the last post but just thought I'd share the video I made of the Balto Park race:

Wandering Road said...
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