Friday, October 18, 2013

Haloween Super 'Cross IV and series results progress

First off, progress on the final standings:  Our results masters are slaving hard over their best slide rules and abacuses (or is that abici?) trying to determine the final overall points tally, so thank you for your patience, and hopefully those will be up soon.

On to Halloween Super 'Cross IV, Sept 26, 2013 at 2pm:

Here's the deal.  It's a celeb-race-ion, like how I used race in there?  Anyway, same place as it has been in the past, Bancroft Park/Waldron Lake.  Park where you can, there's a lot of street parking nearby on the streets with Russian names (Shelikof, Pavalof, Kupernof, Chirikof, Rakof, etc...)   Heres a link to google maps:,0,7511732057227275854&ei=7rBhUti4HKG9jALux4GIBQ&ved=0CLoBEPwSMA8

Costumes are mandatory.  What happens if you don't have a costume you ask?  You will be allocated -99 laps at the start of the "race".  If you can come back from that, well, you deserve to "win".  There is a costume contest too, chosen by an arbitrary panel of judges and with no defined criteria, bribes are welcome and encouraged.

Single speed is the only category that counts, and there will be prizes for the winners.  Nothing big or glorious, but something will be awarded, after all this is the Alaska Single Speed Cyclocross State Championship (by default since there are no other SSCX races in Alaska the I know of).  Unfortunately with the warm weather this Oct, the lake won't be frozen like it was last year, so no ice hazards this time.

Here's the important details all in one place so you don't forget them:
What:  Halloween Super 'Cross IV
Where:  Bancroft Park/Waldron Lake near the New Seward Hwy and Tudor intersection.
When:  Saturday, Sept 26 at 2pm
Cost:  Free
Other info:  Costumes mandatory, single speed bikes strongly encouraged.

Disclaimer:  This isn't an official event of ArcticCross or the Arctic Bike Club, just a bunch of cyclists getting together in the park to celebrate Halloween.

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