Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Series standings updated

With the grand finale coming up this weekend, there's still a lot of racing to do and a lot of points to be made up.  As it stands here are the front runners:

Beginner Women:  Ellie Mitchell looks to have the series tied up barring a bad weekend, but the battle for the remaining spots on the podium are still up in the air between Leah Zumwalt, Karen Morrison and Tania Dennis.

Beginner Men:  Similarly, David Henke looks to have this one wrapped up, but behind him and all with a very good shot of taking the second step on the final podium are Oscar Lage, Eric Flanders and Luke Jager.

Master Women:  Rose Theisen and Stacy Kolstad are both right there for the top prize with Janus Reyes, Shannon Titzel and Rebecca Moore all within shot of third or even better depending on how the racing goes this weekend.

Master Men:  It looks like a two man battle for the top place between Tony Brugliera and Mike Howard.  Behind them in another tight battle for the final spot on the podium are Jim Jager and Greg McDuffie with Tony Allen and Chris Wood outsiders to take back some points and land on the podium.

Open Women:  Barring major mechanical meltdown or injury, it looks like the top three ladies will be the usual protagonists at the races.  Amber Stull has a slight edge heading into the weekend since she can drop the race that she missed, but right behind her are Jessie Donahue and Laura Gardner who are both very capable of overtaking Amber on a good day.  This will be a fun one to watch!

Open Men:  Will Ross looks to be the top favorite for the series title, but not far behind him are Josh Chelf, Carey Grumelot and Jeff Ellis.  Anything can happen here, but I would be surprised if three of these four didn't end up on the podium.

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