Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Super Cross V*

Five years in the making, I am happy to present the culmination of my time as ArcticCross race director in a single afternoon of awesomeness.  Included in this event is the 2014 Alaska Single Speed CycloCross State Championship race (AKSSCXSC14 for short).  Here's the details in writing.  I'll try to get a map or flyer or something up soon.

What: Halloween Super Cross V including the AKSSCXSC14
When: Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 2pm
Where:  Waldron Lake Park (AKA Bancroft Park)
Why:  Because
How:  Ride your bike in circles

Race Rules:
- Costumes are mandatory,
- There will be no prizes or scoring for non single speed bikes
- Single speed state championship prizes will definitely include beer and maybe something else, like a sweater that I got from value village, or a broken wheel (it was a nice wheel), or if I get really motivated some sort of dead animal.
- If you are on a single speed bike and have no costume, you will be disqualified
- If you are not on a single speed bike and have no costume, you will be ridiculed
- If you are not on a single speed bike and you do have a costume, you should ride around like it's a cross race, but there won't be much in the way of timing
- Tandem bikes may compete for the single speed state championships only if they have no more than 2 gears (one gear per rider) but must start and finish with a minimum of 2 riders
- Similarly, if you have a contraption that allows for more than 2 riders, you may use as many gears as you have riders and still compete for the single speed category that best suits your team.  However you must start and finish with as many riders as you have gears.
- Single speed bikes are mandatory for all 2 prize categories.  Those categories will be determined on race day.
- Unicycles are allowed and encouraged
- Fixed gear bikes are also encouraged
- Carbon bikes are discouraged
- I will probably have some beer there, but you should bring some too

I'll be doing the timing this year, so I want to see you SS folks fighting it out for the championship.  I'll even post the results to this one on the web so people know that you are the champion.

As a reminder, the following folks are the reigning champions:
Men's AKSSCXSC: Liam McMahon
Junior Girl's AKSSCXSC: Loy Donaldson

*Halloween Super Cross is not affiliated with ArcticCross or the Arctic Bicycle Club.  I am just using the website to disseminate information.

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