Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cross Clinics

Cross Clinics

Don't forget that we'll be doing two clinics this season, one tomorrow and one on Friday.

Intro to 'Cross - REI Meeting Room - Tuesday, Sept 8th, 6pm:
We will be at the meeting room in REI and Bruce will cover the basics of the sport including: equipment, race overview, technique, a bit of history and he'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have as well.  This is a great intro to anyone that is brand new to the sport or someone that is looking to improve their understanding of the basics.

Cyclocross Clinic - Kincaid Stadium - Wednesday Sept 9th, 6pm:
This will be an on the bike clinic to teach skills to all levels of riders.  We'll break into a few different groups ranging from beginner to expert and work on specific cyclocross skills including: mounting/dismounting, shouldering the bike, run-ups and cornering.  This is a great clinic for everyone.  We'll be focusing on the beginners, but even you experts out there who are a little rusty on the mounting/dismounting from a summer of neglecting those skills will benefit from this one.

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Gary B.Scot said...

We can possibly be working on this rookies, although possibly people gurus in existence who definitely are a bit rusty within the mounting/dismounting at a summer months connected with disregarding these ability will probably gain from this blog.