Wednesday, August 26, 2020

2020 ArcticCross Updates and COVID-19 Mitigation Information

Hi ArcticCrossers,

ArcticCross is working toward holding a safe race series this fall.  As you could guess, 2020 is going to look and feel different than most years, and we need your help. Please read and follow all the important changes below!


Right now we are planning to hold 6 races, one every weekend , starting with the first race on Sunday, September 13, and our last on Saturday, October, 17. A tentative schedule is posted HERE , but please stay tuned for announcements and potential venue and date changes.


As you can imagine, many of the social aspects that make cyclocross so awesome, simply cannot happen this season. This year, we will not be able to do the normal pot luck themes, a season-end banquet, and we must ask racers to keep race day just about the race. That being said, we have been given a great privilege to hold our season, and with that privilege comes responsibility. The race theme this year, is down to the basics of cross, a good course, a good work out, and staying healthy! On race day: come, sign-in, ride, and depart. Spectating and congregating in the start/finish/stadium areas as well as nearby areas such as parking lots will not be permitted this year. This isn’t just about keeping you safe, it’s also about respecting and caring for our volunteers, other park users, and maintaining our relationships with neighbor residents near the parks. We’ve got a great opportunity this year to show how cyclists are continuing to act as good stewards of Anchorage’s beautiful parks.


It should also go without saying, but must be, that if you feel sick: stay home! If you or a family member has tested positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to a race, or are displaying any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home. We are offering guaranteed refunds, no questions asked.


OK, so here’s what to expect this season:

  1. Online registration only, no onsite/day-of registration. To limit the interaction between volunteers and racers, and to limit congestion at the registration area, registration will be online only this year. Registration will be posted about a week in advance of the event, and close approximately 24-hours before. Each registration will be posted and linked from Facebook and our web page. Racers will still be required to sign in on race day.   
  2. Wave caps. Each wave (e.g., Wave 1: Beginner Men, Intermediate Men, Masters Men 55+, Unicycle Men) will be capped at 50. In other words, while no single category will be capped, the total of all categories in the same wave will not exceed 50 racers). Historically, we have only hit or exceeded 50 racers in a wave a few times.
  3. Staggered starts. Within each race wave, categories will be started in 30-second intervals to release ~10-20 racers onto the course and help space out racers. In the case of smaller-sized categories, 2 or 3 categories may start together. For example, in the Women’s wave, Open women may start first, followed 30 seconds later by the Masters Women 40+; or, if category sizes allow,  Open Women may start first, followed 30 seconds later by Masters Women 40+ and Women’s Intermediate, and then followed 30 seconds later by Beginner Women and Master 55+ Women, etc. The starting order will be announced during the pre-race meeting, and may change from one race to the next based on turn out for a wave. Please be flexible, we are just trying to limit congestion on course. For timing purposes, all racer’s time will be based on when the first group enters the course; this is the practice used during staggered starts at large cyclocross races in the Lower 48 and Europe.
  4. Face-covering requirements: On-course and off-course.
    • On-course: Racers will be required to wear a face covering during their pre-race meeting, while staging and lined up for their start, and after the race start to a designated and announced point on the course. After passing this point on the course, racers may remove their face covering, but must have it available through the rest of their race. Please do not discard masks on the ground/course.
    • Off-course: Face coverings are required anytime racers are in the general stadium areas, such as for sign in, their pre-race meeting, or while staging for their race start, to keep other racers, volunteers, and other park users safe. Outside these areas (e.g., parking lots), face coverings should be worn any time racers are unable to maintain 6-feet of distancing from those outside their household.
  1. After you finish your race, please depart the start/finish area and stadium area immediately. We hate this, but it is very important to keep the start/finish and stadium areas clear so incoming racers may sign in and stage for their events without congestion.
  2. Youth Racing:
    • We know no one looks forward to cross more than our youth racers. As with the adult waves, the your races will be capped at 50 (50 Junior racers, 50 Kiddo strider/pedal bikes).
    • For simplicity, all youth racers this year will do one lap only. We know some of our youth can do 2 laps, and for some 1 lap is quite a challenge.
    • Similar to the adult waves, the youth race will be have a staggered start, with racers 10 and over starting first, and racers under 10 starting 30 seconds later.
    • In the kiddo race, we ask that only 1 parent per child may accompany their little racer on the course. All accompanying parents must wear a mask.
    • We will start the pedal bikers first in the kiddo race, followed 30 seconds later by the strider racers.